The Families of Great Bealings


I (Phil Holmes) have collected all the census records for Great Bealings from 1841 to 1911 (I added 1911 in November 2009) and put the information from them into a database - a total of over 2600 records.  I also have in the same database the burial records from St Mary's church, Great Bealings, and the war records.

If you want to try to find specific individuals, I have written a search page where you can explore the complete contents of the database. Please click here for the search page. Partly to try to help search engines index all the names in the database, I've also created a page with an alphabetical list of all the names in the database (getting on for 2,000).

From this, I have identified the most common names in the village, and have tracked how the families with those names moved around during the period.  The page links below show that.  But first a word about the properties in Great Bealings.

Property numbering in the Great Bealings census

In most of the censuses, properties are not identified.  The table below gives the property number for some common properties on each census, where these are identified.

Property 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
The Lodge       1   2 68
Seckford Hall 36 10 19 11   12 75
Great Bealings Place 48            
(Great) Bealings House 28 17   18   19  
Kiln Farm         28 25 100
Thornycroft         44 43 92
The Rectory 25 28 53   26 52 111
Great Bealings Hall/
Hall Farm
24 29 52     54 113
The Cedars         74 66  
Boot Inn 3   79 68 72 68 133

As can be seen, the censuses do not follow a common path through the village, making it difficult to identify who lived where over the years.  However, I do list property details for each family just for information.


The Hockley family
The Kersey family
The Lewis family
The Martin family
The Woods family
The Cotton family
The Carr family