Friends of Bealings Playing field Meeting


 Chair: Eric Barnett, Gt. Bealings

Secretary: Jenny Shaw, Little Bealings


 Bealings Village Hall Committee Room

 19:30 Hrs



1.        APOLOGIES


3.        O/S ACTIONS FROM  Meeting OF 5th  DECEMBER 2005

            To give updates on the outstanding actions – see attached.                                                ALL

4.         PROPOSAL PAPER – FOR VHMC MEETING 17th January

To review and agree changes as necessary to the attached paper for VHMC..                      ALL

5.                  FINALISING THE DESIGn

5.1 To discuss the implications of the ideas which emerged from the Open meeting.               EB

5.2. To update the meeting on the responses from design companies and agree next steps. JS

5.3. To assign responsibility for leading design team to work with selected design company. EB

6.                  FUNDRAISING

6.1. Local fundraisingto consider ideas per attached email                                               MW

6.2. Grant optionsto provide update on options                                                               RR


7.         PARISH COMMUNICATIONS                                                                              ALL

As discussed at the last meeting – it is intended that we put notices in three places:

i)                    Gt. Bealings website,

ii)                  Benefice magazine and – next issue content needs to be with editor by 17th January

iii)                 Parish and Hall Notice Boards.





9.         NEXT MEETING  - date to be agreed at this meeting.





Actions Agreed



PREV. Status

1.    To seek agreement of the Gt. Bealings PCC and arrange for revised nomination to be submitted to Margaret Wilson. 



Still O/S - RR expected to be ratified as rep at the next GB PCC meeting.

2.    To seek a new representative for Lt. Bealings PCC and to advise Margaret Wilson of the new nomination.



O/S – Progress unknown - MD was unable to be present at the meeting on October 4th   or .5th Dec.

14. Identify need for planning consent using current design as a basis for discussion. 




15. Investigate design companies used by other parishes (talk to parish clerks and also Suffolk ACRE). Requests for information to include CV and how much they would charge. Also ensure they are aware that we already have a full site measured survey.




16. Prepare and distribute draft proposal (2 pages A4 max).to be distributed in time for full team meeting on 3rd Jan. JS will lead prepare of draft seeking input from the team. Approval to be given by EB.




17. Request locality funding for Playingfield project via Peter Bellfield (SCC) on behalf of Lt. Bealings Parish Council.




18. Team to advise JS of known contacts at the various parishes.








PROPOSALS FOR Bealings Playingfield


For CONSIDERATION AT Village Hall Management Committee – ON 17th January 2006



The Friends of Playingfield held its first open meeting on Saturday 26th November 2005.

Fifty or so adults attended the meeting and several brought their children. The intention of the meeting was to seek input on the outline design developed earlier in 2005 by Grass and Grounds Inc.  The outcome was continued support for the facilities proposed and a healthy debate on key issues which need to be addressed as part of the project.


Key matters which need to be addressed include: on-going maintenance; provision of access to toilet facilities for sports players; consideration of multi-function pitch in place of grass five-a-side pitch and lighting for tennis courts; and safety both on and off the field including pedestrian access to the site. Some members of the public also raised the question of the general appearance of the hall itself and the car park.


It is acknowledged that the proposed project is a significant undertaking (initial estimates for costs are probably in excess of £100,000, a figure which excludes any work on the hall itself and a multi-function pitch).


The Friends would like to deliver the proposed facilities in phases, as funds allow, ideally beginning with the children’s’ play equipment although it is understood that some levelling work might need to be carried out before hand. The logistics need to be carefully planned. Also planning approval may be needed depending on the extent of earth moving that may be required.


The aim of this paper is to seek VHMC approval of the proposals to take the Playingfield project to the next stage

Project Approach

Before applications for major grants may be initiated it is necessary to finalise the design and confirm costings and if necessary seek approval to the proposed changes from the planning authority. This work requires the creation of firmed up specifications and appropriate development plans to be drafted. We will need to employ professional designers to do this work and to develop precise costings.


Both Villages have small funds set aside to support professional fees required at this initial stage of the work and the Friends are also planning more local fundraising activities to cover professional fees for later stages. Major grants will be needed for the construction project.


The next stage of the project includes:

·       finalising the design,

·       if required seeking planning approval and

·       formally initiating local fundraising activities.


The Friends will return to the VHMC with a fully-costed proposal in due course which would include a proposed protocol for the authorisation of budgets, funding, contractual appointments. The VHMC will be able to control the process within defined limits of authority delegated to the Friends.


In addition to local experts involved in the project the Friends have appointed three officers to lead the work required:

·       Chairman – Eric Barnett (Gt. Bealings)

·       Fundraising Officer – Roger Roseboom (Gt. Bealings)

·       Project Leader– Jenny Shaw (Little Bealings)

Request For Approval To Proposed Next Steps

The Friends now request VHMC approval to three actions:

1.       appointment of an appropriately qualified designer to develop the scheme to the level of detail which would enable planners to determine whether there is a need to seek planning approval. The resultant  scheme would be submitted to the VHMC for approval.

2.       creation of a local design team under the auspices of the Friends to provide direction to the design company and including at least one VHMC Trustee.

3.       creation of a special bank account for the playingfield project, under the auspices of the VHMC, to hold funds raised locally and grants received. Proposed signatories are: Roger Roseboom, Malcolm Watson and Eric Barnett.




Copy of email from Malcolm


From: Malcolm Watson []
Sent: 04 December 2005 22:25
To: Jenny Shaw
Subject: Re: Playingfield - Dates for NEXT TWO MEETINGS
Hi Jenny,

I am sending apologies in advance for not attending the meeting tomorrow (Dec 5th).

I've jotted a few notes down that could be read to the meeting if that seems appropriate - then I can get some feedback/more suggestions at the meeting in January.

I have a few fundraising ideas which include:

Sponsored bike ride of circuit around the two villages. Does anyone know how this should be organised in terms of road safety, telling the police etc etc?
For the less two-wheeled in spirit - sponsored walk.
Either/both of these events supported by metal-detector treasure hunt on the field (Buried prizes in the playground field - pay to hire a metal detector to find them)
Regular Saturday car washing at the village hall (kids with sponges)
Casino/horse-racing evening (gambling for prizes, not money) run for free by some philanthropist/croupiers from West Suffolk.
Dance/ disco/ cabaret/ talent show extravaganza.

I think it would be good to have active and exciting events that involve as many people as possible, using the hall and field as much as possible. On the other extreme, can we offer people who want to contribute but don't want to participate the option to do a monthly direct debit??

I think the bike ride would work well in April/May and the casino is booked until September 2006 so would probably be an October/November event. Does anyone know of any dates to avoid in those months??