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Parish Council

The Great Bealings Parish Council meets regularly in the Village Hall. Topics range from organising village events, reviewing local planning applications, dealing with traffic issues, clearing litter, and dealing with local footpath maintenance.

The Parish Council was responsible for taking the initiative in the preparatory stages of the renovation of the John Belstead Playground, but since the implementation project team took over, participates by offering an annual grant to the maintenance of the equipment and the Village Hall.

Currently, there are eight councillors.

Name Position Telephone number Email address
Charles Barrington Chairman 01473 735684 charles.barrington@ardachy.com
Colin Hedgley Vice Chairman 01473 738468 colinhedgley@aol.com
John Carter-Jonas Tree Warden 01473 735255 jcarterjonas400@yahoo.co.uk
Martin Cripps Footpath Officer 01473 738997  
Mrs Sally Johnson Village Hall Rep 01473 735230 sallyscape@hotmail.com
Anthony Sheppard   01473 735850 anthony.sheppard@googlemail.com
Paul Norris   01473 738572 pnorris@bootconstruction.co.uk
Rob Munn   07850 414817 robmunn@outlook.com
Mrs Dee Knights Clerk 01473 624240 greatbealingspc@hotmail.co.uk

Members of the public are welcome to come to all Parish Council meetings which start at 7 pm at the Village Hall. The May meeting is the Annual Parish meeting which also starts at 7 pm.

Meeting dates for 2017:

Tuesday 10th January
Tuesday 14th March
Monday 8th May - also Annual Parish Meeting
Tuesday 4th July
Tuesday 5th September
Tuesday 14th November

All start at 7 pm.

Ideas for village events are always welcome.

Code of Conduct

A copy of the local code of conduct for councillors is available here.

Register of interests

The councillors' register of interests is available to view on Suffolk Coastal District Council's web site.

Parish Council Transparency

Parish councils are now required to publish the following documents:



Risk Assessment

The 2015 Risk Assessment.

Emegency Plan

Version 1 of the Parish Emergency plan.

Parish Council Committee Meeting Minutes and Police Reports



Upcoming Agendas


Draft Minutes

14 March 2017 plus district councillors' report

Annual Parish Meeting 16 May 2016 plus County councillor's report, District councillors' report, village hall report and Benefice Magazine report

Approved Minutes


10 January 2017


8 November plus district councillors' report
6 September 2016 plus district councillors' report and letter 1 and letter 2 re planning.
12 January 2016 (plus letters re planning and local councillors' report)
8 March 2016 (plus letter re planning and local councillors' report)
27 April 2016
15 June 2016 plus associated letter.
5 July 2016 plus district councillors' report

Annual Parish Council meeting, 16 May 2016


17 November
29 October
1 September
30 July
7 July
19th May
12th May
16th March

3rd March
12th February
13th January


8 December + Cherry Tree Farm note
25 November
11 November
7 October + Woodbarn cottages report
2 September
15 July + Wood Barn and Meadow cottage correspondence
8 July
Annual Meeting: 6 May + Police Report
23 April
11 March
14 January

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

12 May 2015 + Other reports
6 May 2014 + Village Hall Report
7 May 2013 + Peter Bellfield's Report + Village Hall Report + Summary of cash book
13 March 2012 + District Councillor's Report + Benefice Newsletter Report + Village Hall report + Peter Bellfield's Report
15th March 2011 + County Councillor's Report + District Councillor's Report + Benefice Newsletter report
11th May 2010
12th May 2009 + County Councillor's Report
19 May 2008 + County Councillor's Report
21 May 2007
15 May 2006
16 May 2005

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